A "modern: coos king of the 1930's and an older
version of the later 1920's using a Case engine
Close-up of transmission of early style Koos King
using the Fordson engine
. (early  1920's)
(LEFT) (pre 1910) New fangled shaper showing off
possibilities for advertisement.  Photos were taken
then retouched in-house with an 1890's airbrush and
compressor.  There are a number of pictures in
various stages of retouching around the shop.
c. 1914-1920  Winch housing and
gearing completely cast and
machined on site, illustrating the
complexity of engineering
obtained with the brain power of
then owner, Stuart Lyons

(below) Example of early
watercraft that the machine shop
took pictures of to add to their
jobs completed portfolio
The  curved forecastle housing was a
project done by Coos Bay Iron WORKS IN
THE 1920'S.  All of the paperwork and
invoices still exist to research the names of
these craft and owners.  Just a matter of
who wants to do the research. Old bank
records and names of local well known
character are abundant in the old sales and
job sheets.  I have personally seen a 1913
ledger so I know records go back that far for
local information.
(right) Two early examples of cast marine
engines which appear to be early 1920's
due to enclosed crankcase and style of
block castings.
A small eccentric pump
More donkey styles and manufactured items...