(right) Large pump
c.1910 most likely for
a lumber mill such as
Coos Head.
(above) c.1910's turning a tack drum for a steam donkey.  Notice the
outrigger early motor offset to turn assembly turn-table style.
c.1900's. large casting in shop
(above) and outside on dock
(below)  Any identification of building
in background?
(above) c.1920. Coos River cathes
c. 1910, Fire-dogs or end irons
c.1920's. 9' to 10' diameter log being lifted for "zip line"
c. 1951.  Heel boom
invented by Roy
Jacobson for loading
log trucks as actual
cranes were expensive
and a rarity.  Notice the
boom is comprised of
on-site logs, so the
loggers just attached
the metal components
and they were ready to
go. The log pictured is
an entire load for a
truck past or present.
....More heelboom action
Donkeys, manufacturing and heelbooms